Today we are very happy to present the initiative "Un árbol en mi terraza". Our goal is to live on a greener planet and what better way to start than to plant a tree on each terrace.

You must decide if you want to be part of the change that improves our cities and towns. Only you can choose if you join us by putting a new tree on your terrace that makes everyone in your area breathe easier. 

Lovers of fresh fruit will also be able to take a totally organic piece in their own home to taste it if they wish and opt for having a fruit tree. 

Another advantage added to improving air quality and reducing pollution is lowering the temperature in our urban centers. Plants, especially trees, humidify the environment and are capable of attracting rain to areas where it normally does not. 

And all this without forgetting that we are helping pollinating insects, such as bees, which are so vital to our food, to prosper and not become extinct.