The first thing we must do is prepare the pot that will house our future tree.

  1. We put a small layer of gravel, pebbles or clay at the bottom that will allow us to drain excess water.
  2. We take out our future tree with its root ball (set of roots and soil) from the pot. In the case of being excessively dry, we can moisten it a few hours before so that it does not fall apart when performing this operation.
  3. We add a small amount of soil and with the empty pot in which we had the tree, we calculate the height at which we want it to be.
  4. Once the soil that will be the base of our tree has been calculated, we can fill the pot leaving the hole for the future root ball and then place the tree or place the tree directly and fill with soil afterwards. It is important to slightly break the root ball on the sides and bottom to help the roots spread throughout the pot and prevent root suffocation just when it is about to be planted.
  5. In the event that the soil is not new, which usually comes with integrated fertilizer, we must add and mix some fertilizer in the measures recommended by the package to the soil in our pot.
  6. We lightly compact the soil in the pot and the root ball to help the tree settle and eliminate air pockets.
  7. We water deeply.

Transplanting should be avoided during the central hours of the day and receive direct sunlight for the first few days if possible.

It is also advisable not to transplant if there is a risk of frost or excessive heat is expected to minimize the suffering of the tree or its possible death.