Each terrace, depending on the area and its orientation, has different climatic characteristics and number of hours of sunshine, therefore, we cannot tell you which tree is better than another in your case. Some trees even adapt to living indoors as long as they are away from heat sources and next to a very bright window, preferably with hours of sunshine. However, we will advise you to choose between the most suitable varieties for you. 

You may be thinking that it is not possible to have a tree on a terrace, but many species adapt perfectly to living in a pot, and although this already regulates growth, it is possible to control it even more, with adapted training and maintenance pruning. to your features. 

Today, there are many types of training pruning that are perfect for small spaces, which, although they could reduce the life of the tree for a few years compared to its life in the ground without aggressive pruning, allows them to survive and adapt. A little-known example is cordon or column pruning, perfect for many fruit trees. 

Once clarified that the size can be controlled, something already known by bonsai lovers, let's start by distinguishing between an ornamental and a fruit tree

Many people love to eat fresh fruit and having a variety of fruit trees allows us to pick and enjoy it directly from the tree. Unfortunately, most fruit trees require at least 6 hours of direct sun a day. If the place where you want to put the tree does not have such an amount of sun per day, you should opt for an ornamental one since the fruit may not bloom or ripen as it should, however, we emphasize that it is indicative, and it is possible that your fruit tree acclimatizes to indirect sun without any problem in your area. 

Finally, we will make one more distinction between deciduous and evergreen trees. The deciduous ones lose their leaves during the autumn to protect themselves from the winter cold, returning to throw new ones at the end of winter or beginning of spring. On the other hand, the perennial leaves maintain their foliage throughout the year, being able to filter the air throughout the 4 seasons.