Fallen Leaf

Trees that lose their leaves in autumn and recover them in late winter or early spring. Here is a list with some examples.

  • Jupiter tree

Multi-branched tree with a bushy crown with beautiful pinkish flowers at the ends of its intense green branches. They bloom from July to September. 

It is a very resistant tree, capable of withstanding minimum temperatures of up to -10ºC. In addition, it adapts perfectly to pruning, being able to be used as a shrub, as a tree with only one foot or several feet thanks to its multi-branch capacity.

  • Japanese Maple

Widely used in decoration and to create beautiful and beautiful bonsai. It is loved for the incredible reddish coloration its leaves undergo during the fall before falling off. 

It is typical of subtropical climates. It can withstand minimum temperatures of -18ºC and maximum temperatures of up to 30ºC. Above the maximum recommended temperature you can suffer burns even in short periods of time.

  • Lilo

Medium-sized deciduous shrub with much branching, which can become a tree. It supports temperatures during winter down to -17ºC. It should be placed in full sun, although it can accommodate living in semi-shade. 

It flowers only during the spring, generally between April and June with its characteristic smell of lilacs.

  • Magnolia

Slow growing tree, deciduous in areas with cold climates and evergreen in areas with warm climates. It can withstand up to -5ºC. 

Depending on the variety, it can flower between the end of February until autumn. Its flowers have a citric and vanilla aroma.